The softest dress I have

I would classify this dress as a pajama dress and if you are new here this is the useless category I give to dresses I would like to sleep in,but I will not.Don’t get me wrong, I want to, but I’ll respect the socially acceptable limits of daytime and nightwear. (But just between us, I’ve fallen asleep in this dress before and 10/10 would do it again.)

All in all, this dress is smooth and stays smooth while you wash and wear it. Dare I say it gets smoother? And while it does stick to my tummy a bit, he’s nice about it. It’s more of a side hug than a full hug. I’m in the medium, true to size and quite long on me, it hits my ankles which is good for wearing sneakers. You can find this dress for under $35 on Amazon here!